Ramadan for Restaurants: a Challenge or an Opportunity?

Ramadan, the Holy month of Muslims, is one of the most welcoming time of the year. Despite the fact that it comes with both challenges and opportunities for restaurants, it is a much awaited time of the year.

Preparing for Ramadan is a difficult task. Therefore, both the challenges and opportunities offered by Ramadan are important to comprehend to prepare for it in a right and beneficial way. Here is a small list of challenges and opportunities followed by a conclusion of what dominates more, the challenges or the opportunities.


Challenges during Ramadan for Restaurants

As Ramadan come nearer, various policies are formulated and laws are implemented according to the constitutions of the Muslims states as well as human rights departments of almost all the non-Muslim states around the world.

Change in the timings

The timings are changed during Ramadan in the whole of UAE and many other Muslim states. Restaurants are open from the dusk till noon, and then especially shut down from noon till evening and are again opened from evening till the Sehr time. No one is seen eating or taking the food with them during the day time.

A decrease in working hours

With the change in timings, working hours are obviously decreased which impacts the revenue. Obviously, the way a restaurant generates its profit is when the doors are open, and people are allowed to have meals. With that not being the case, Ramadan appears to be a great challenge for small restaurant owners who have to abide by the law to save themselves from the legal punishments. Meanwhile, large and successful food chains and big notorious restaurants are not pressurized to decrease their working hours that much.

Low potential and strength

As Muslim workers have to avoid eating, drinking and smoking from the dawn till dusk due to their fast, a decreased potential and efficiency is observed in their work. They are not as productive as they are during other months of the year. As fasting from dawn till dusk means fasting for even more than 15 hours a day in some areas of the world, it is not an easy deal at all. So, lesser productivity is another big challenge.

Opportunities during Ramadan for Restaurants

Interestingly, Ramadan does not come with challenges alone. It brings along a lot of opportunities and beneficial chances to upgrade your restaurant and make the most out of this Holy month. Ramadan comes with the following opportunities:

Increased income and profits

If observed overall, the income and profits in the restaurant industry increase during Ramadan. There is an increased demand for the beverages and food be it traditional, continental, Thai, Arabic or Chinese. People in different parts of the world like to have different kinds of meal. If you are offering the most in-demand food during Ramadan and are keeping up with the food trends around the globe, there is no chance you miss out on making more and more profit.

Equal benefits for the Muslim and non-Muslim restaurants

Ramadan comes with healthy opportunities to increase income for the Muslim as well as Non-Muslim restaurants alike. There are several non-Muslim restaurants that offer Halal food. If yours is one of them, it is most likely going to equally benefit during Ramadan as is any other Muslim Halal restaurant.

Moreover, there is nothing to worry if you do not offer any Ramadan meal. You can always add new things to the menu, right? So, in order to get benefits during Ramadan, introduce something that the public in your area likes and see your income going up at once.

Late night hours

If the restaurants are closed during the day, they are opened the entire night. As the upcoming Ramadan is also in the height of summers, it means long days and short nights. People tend to spend their nights either praying or in restaurants and cafes spending time with their friends. Especially with the popularity of Ramadan Tents in most fasting countries.

As there is a big gathering in the restaurants in the late night hours, it easily compensates the loss happened during the day. In fact, it generates more revenue than that could have been collected during day hours since people eat more at night to prepare themselves for the next fast.

Another opportunity is having some live transmission of a religious program in your restaurant. As people are keen towards the religious obligations and deeds during Ramadan, they like to spend their time in the places that offer close association to God and religion. Again, there is a lot of profit in there as sitting at your place will not come free.

Contribution to the society and community

The healthiest opportunity during Ramadan is that you can contribute greatly towards society and the Muslim community. As Ramadan is a month of blessings, love, peace, and purity, society transforms into a healthy place to live in.

Being a part of that society, you can contribute to it in order to get a lot of rewards and prayers. A donation system can be initiated through your food chain or restaurant that helps the society at a large scale.


It would not be wrong to say that Ramadan comes with more opportunities than challenges. It depends on restaurants and food chains to make the most out of it. Preparing for Ramadan is an important step. Once taken, you can enjoy all the opportunities Ramadan offer.

Preparing for Ramadan includes devising strategies to attract more customers, making important changes in the menu, offering special deals and discounts, creating a healthy and peaceful environment by enhancing the ambiance, spreading good words, love and peace and, devoting your services to the community heartily. It lets you enjoy not only the economic benefits but the mental satisfaction and true sense of humanity.

So, Ramadan for Restaurants comes with great opportunities and benefits. Look forward to utilizing each and every one of that by preparing well for Ramadan.