Must-have POS Integrations for Restaurants

Restaurants have operational needs. Every restaurant needs a point of sale platform. It provides all the order and payment processing your restaurant needs. POS system eliminates complications of handling any number of floor orders and a fast inventory. POS software takes away your embarrassment and inconvenience and keeps track of your regular customers and gives them the rewards they deserve. One software can control many branches of your restaurant. 

Here are the best POS integrations for your restaurant: 

1. Know Your Guests

For better hospitality and regular customer attendance, keep your behavior as polite as you can and get to know your customers and their needs on a personal and deep level. Take notes on what they demand and what issues they are facing. Make changes according to their wishes and learn about developing your restaurant in a way that your customers would like. Customize your POS system, and quickly view average and lifetime spend, add personalized services using easy to access details from current and past visits. Spot high spenders and frequent spenders so you can recognize their loyalty and keep them coming back. 

2. Speed Up your Operations

Your POS system can automate by stating your tables. It can also help you keep your host updated about every table right from the host stand and so you can decrease turn times and improve your guest experience. Table statuses include the appetizer you are providing to your customers, the entrée, and the desert as well. Also, the amount they’re paying for these meals will be notified to you as well to reduce the time of billing, etc. 

3. Keep a Check on the Revenue

To help ensure a check on your revenue rate, you can customize your POS system according to it. You can keep tabs on your business on the go or dive into the details. For example, get a snapshot of how your restaurant is doing, compare shift revenue of a particular day to the average from the past weeks, see shift’s average spend, get to know how much additional revenue is driven, and also break down revenue and trace it back to every reservation made by customers. 

4. Employee Management

Your POS system can also help you manage labor costs, employee permissions, and also help you access to specific features to control costs and identify the best and worst of your behaviors. You can also keep a check on the attendance of your employees on time and see who missed out their shift or which employee to be replaced with someone else etc. 

5. Mobile Payments

Your POS system can customize your payments by accepting card payments online or automatically from the accounts without expensive third-party integrations, processes payments with mobile payments options like apple, android, etc. it can also pre-authorize a bar tab with the swipe of a card. 

6. Reporting

Reporting integrations help analyze operational data from your POS so you can figure out how exactly your restaurant is performing. You can create useful reports on profit and loss or revenue generated etc. Every day there are thousands of transactions taking place in your restaurant. The data captured by your software records every sale and by every staff member as well. Inventory is measured down to every ingredient in the kitchen used in those meals. So such precise calculations can’t be done without a good POS system. You can also maximize sales during practical hours by producing insights from your operational data that will help you address all these things. 

7. Customize Processes based on Preferences

You should customize your POS system according to the needs of your restaurant with a set of protocols designed. You can create different icons that will be personalized, and that can identify and categorize employees to communicate with one another. Administrators can also store notes about recipes and their substitutions, dish replacement, etc. you can easily boost your business without any manual calculation or report writing. 

8. Fight Loss Prevention

Lazy inventory, free drinks, and a few complications may seem like they are small losses, but they are small in the beginning, if taken normally, they can increase into bigger issues. Most of these problems occur because of some employee or theft. With the help of a POS tracking system, you can easily prevent these issues and secure your revenue costs, profits, and losses. Your software can focus on inventory management, integrated loss prevention, and security measures, etc. this way; you can help ensure the morale of your employees and profit in your business. 


This is a complete pack of integrations of a POS system for a restaurant. Every single detail is mentioned and can be practically utilized, as well. For your restaurant’s betterment, it is highly necessary to buy good quality POS software and integrate it with an effective restaurant management system to capitalise on the data derived from the POS system. Find the best restaurant management software with POS integration here: