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In 1995 successful Oregon restaurateur Frank Ernandes opened Touché in the Pearl. Frank envisioned a restaurant with a number of compelling facets that he believed would equip Touché have a very long run in the Pearl neighborhood — an Italian-Mediterranean menu, an upstairs bar with billiards, an outside dining patio, a late night menu, and one very special feature, a traditional Italian wood fired pizza oven.

The space that Touché was going to call home was the former space of Italian restaurant called Perlina. Perlina had opened in 1992 and it was the home of Portland’s very first Italian wood fired pizza oven. Frank intended to make use of that oven. To this day, Touché has authentic wood fired pizza on the menu. To find out more about our wood fired pizza oven go to

Frank chose the name “Touché” to allude to the fun and accessible restaurant that he established. That plus he always liked saying the word Touché.

Everything Frank envisioned came to pass and Touché has indeed done very well serving both those in the Pearl neighborhood and those who travel there to enjoy the warm and enjoyable dining experience that Touché has come to be known for.

We invite you to come and see for yourself why this Portland restaurant has built a loyal following that has lasted more than 20 years.